Costa Rica Surfboards Rental

Costa Rica surfboards rentals

The best quality of Rental Surfboards in Jaco Costa Rica!  You will get excellent service with us at Costa Rica Surfboard Rentals.

Damn,” says a Canadian who’s been
hanging around the shop for the past couple of weeks, since she learned how to surf, “that’s one lucky girl.”
A luckier girl is indeed hard to imagine after taking a Carton board – this one an  orange and blue “retro fun board” – into the warm water just down the road. The lightness and flexibility are surprising; it has the stability of a long board, but without the lumbering heaviness. Its nose eases to the right or left with barely a flexing of the toes.
This isn’t your typical dinged-up, waterlogged rental.
“You should be wild with that one,” advises Carton from where he bobs nearby on his surfboard.
A new set of waves rolls in, and the first one breaks on the rocks that jut out in the distance. By the time it arrives in full  strength, it has gathered to a height of eight feet, unusual for the Jaco area. Surfers everywhere
do the “turtle” – rolling over beneath
their boards until the force passes.
When the suds disperse, Carton adds,
“Chiquilla, it’s best to just have fun.”
                        from the Tico times

Airlines charge up to $125 each way (to check your board bag) and they often handle them poorly. You don't need to bring a board, we will hook you up!.
We have 6.2" retro fish, 6.4 Thrusters, 8.6 fun-styles, 9.0 classic and more. We got them all.
Rental Prices
Hybrids Long boards Fishes
Session(2 hours)  $8 $12 $12 $ 12 $12
1/2 Day (4 hours) $10 $15 $15 $15 $15
Full Day (10hours) $15 $ 20 $20 $20  $20

We also give you 25% discount if you rent for the full week, every board is 100% hand made by a legendary Costa Rican shaper "CARTON". This way we guarantee the highest feeling in every surfing session.

For more info call
(506) 88643 3762 or (506) 2643 3762
E-mail or
We are located beach front in Calle Madrigal , Playa Jaco.
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Costa Rica Surfboards

For the beginner here at Costa Rica Surfboard rentals we have a huge selection of long boards. These surfboards have good flotation stability and are very easy to handle. Long boards are for small and medium size waves. Long boards are between 8.5 to 10 ft long.
Carton Surfboards is a Company created in 1986, but we really started to make boards long time ago.
Every board is 100% hand made, with 100% love, and this is good for your happiness.

Here at CARTON Costa Rica Surfboards, we rent for the high performance surfer.

One of the benefits of Jaco being a surf City is there are a few surf shops and places for ding repair and rentals. Easy access from the highway at the south end of Jaco, and darn good shop is Carton Surfboards.
The proprietor, a young Tico surfer/shaper named Edwin "CARTON" Villalobos, is a great, hardworking guy who will really take care of you. Carton's Surf Shop is fully
stocked with supplies, accessories and new and used boards. Pura Vida Carton! from The surfer's guide to Costa Rica

Since we started our surfboard factory, all I concentrate all my energy on developing surf culture and tourism. Sharing friendly and technical information in harmony with everyone who visit visits us.
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For more info call (506) 2643 3762
 E-mail or

We are located beach front in Calle Madrigal , Playa Jaco Costa Rica
Check our main site
Costa Rica Surfboards

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